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I would try to get in scene of starting a research project, say… tomorrow. And foremost reflect about how to make the most of the virtual places in which is possible to get some work done (instead of only the library and the lab).

Whatever the nature of the research the first I would like to do is looking for information. The more and the wider the better, to really understand the context and the implications of my research. At this stage would be pretty useful and fast to read a bit of everything within reach: webs, blogs, forums, wikis, videos, photos, bookmarks, presentations, previous projects, book reviews…

The aim of this would be not only get literature on the topic, but also discover if there is any current research in similar topics, or any place or network dedicated to this particular area. Information other people already know and questions that somebody else asked.

Later on, when the research was more advanced, I would like to obtain something else from the social media tools to pay off the time spent on it. I guess, what you can earn and which tools to use depends a lot on the sort of experimentation planned, but in a general sense I would try to gain valuable contacts to my cause. Maybe somebody who master the topic and could give me some useful clue, or amateurs supporting it, or common people to whom bring the research closer and possibly obtain opinions from some of them.

The research should have an online presence to make all this happen. Keep all the involved people informed, something interesting in exchange. Having profiles in as many different platforms as I was be capable of manage (me…or my assistants! :p). Also would be useful as promotion. And even in case of being a public engagement project as platform for the experiments, to reach more and different people.

Using effectively social media in this way (although very enriching) could be pretty demanding so I guess the best would be a good planning from the start.


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Digital Identity. The concept scares me and stress me. Or fascinate me. Fifty-fifty. There is a tangle of information lying in wait for you to collect it, or to modify it, maybe trying to tell you something. Jewels waiting to be found and remains never deleted, popular people speaking nonsense between undiscovered genius, hundred of useful tools in a kind of an infinite jungle of possibilities.

As an individual you need to be part of the world and at the same time keep for yourself  a bunch of unshared things. And there is where you are, not thinking too much because the whole is too big to control it. Starting instead doing some little choices that will form part of your digital identity, different nicks, different platforms, different places, different people to be related to. You will finally end with a digital multiple personality disorder. Fake clues of you everywhere.

Despite of your efforts to create a clearly-defined digital character (similar to you to a greater or lesser extent) it is only a matter of time to get an outlined digital identity. But will she/it become a liar?

I have read today a great story about the power of networks. There is a showman/comedian in Spain called Andreu Buenafuente who drives a late night show. At the start of this week his motorbike was stolen and joking about the possibility of finding his moto thanks to the social networks he commented it on his twitter account. The joke became true and three days later he opened the show with his recovered moto.

The great stuff is to learn how to use these powerful tools as an individual to reach some objectives. Whether professional opportunities or personal entertainment is only your choice and where most of your effort is driven towards.