Questions, ants and window cleaners

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Random thoughts
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(All along the watchtower – Jimi Hendrix)–%20All%20Along%20The%20Watchtower.mp3″ As the final of the year gets closer and closer, people tends to start reviewing their achievements and promising to do in the future what they haven’t done. Instead, I prefer to go off at a tangent and let the things finish at its pace.

What do you (not) like about write in the blog?: I like to see the posts finished and the blog growing but the weekly topic usually becomes a nightmare.

Something that you would prefer to be doing right now instead: Sit on a bench and eat “pipas” (= sunflower seeds) under the sun, no matter the cold.

In my opinion the post should end in here. BIG full-stop.

However, I will continue with my nihilist writing.

It is incredible how easy is to fool any living being and how absurd seem to be some programmed mechanisms when out of their normal working. As an example of this I remember the ants, that usually bury any dead ant they find since they can detect the oleic acid secreted by the carcass. Clever mechanism. However spreading the same acid on an alive ant the other ants would try to bury it repeatedly despite it offers resistance. Not so clever…

In my opinion the post should end in here. BIG full-stop.

Suppose that you live in a second floor, your windows are filthy and you will require the service of a professional window cleaner. Here arises a huge dilemma: whom to hire? A cleaner with the massive telescopic handle? (like the one who reaches the top of Maxwell Hall from the floor) or a fearless one who hangs with an harness?.

Maybe with the telescopic device some spots got away from the cleaner in spite of having a wonderfull eyesight but at the same time probably a climber window cleaner is a bit excessive for a second floor. A ladder? Scaffolding? To change the windows?

  1. About ants: I had a question for a long time, and it is resolved now. I think this stupid acid appealed them into my home again and again (one year ago), as I was killing them all in sequence (you know, they walk the one behind the other), they continue appearing every day! Finally, I aerosolized them and they never came back!
    About the windows: do not pay anyone, do it yourself with a hose pointing windows from the ground!
    Nice post.

  2. I would never thought that this post could be useful for anybody, so thank you !! and ok, for the moment will be a hose…

  3. jajajaja You know I really like this story about ants. Thinking about them trying to bury an alive ant make me laugh a lot. I can’t avoid it! Even if I know that the alive one probably will die due to the lack of oxygen. hehehehe
    And it make me think as well about the possibilities of using this ant’s instinct to our purposes. For example, spread oleic acid on the goods in a warehouse, put the anthill in a truck, and wait for the antz to do the job.
    As for the cleaner… It is a really transcendental question and I daren’t to rush my answer. By know, I suggest you to evaluate how friendly is your relationship with your above neighbour in case you choose the clearner with harness. He/She would probably need to use the above house to access your windows. I am still thinking about it!
    Thanks for the post!

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