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Convergence is a word that doesn’t fit at all in the concept that it tries to represent.Because this convergence paradigm is not a single point towards where everything goes. It is an incredible amount of options growing in every direction as they feel like rather than a single thing tending to collect all. Is a process without end, crazy race to nowhere.

No matter how much you read about convergence and if the author’s approach is technological, social, from services and business, economical or whatsoever mix of angles, the so-called definitions spread and spread in a vain effort to range all the possible nuances. However, there are certain common places and impressions that could represent the first essence: blurring, boundaries, participation, connection, chaos, ubiquity.

I will try to do my little contribution with a few personal thoughts that suggests me convergence.

Becoming a slave to communication:

-> If internet fail you feel a bit lost and it is a struggle to find not connected occupations.

-> The need of communication with people who are really far,while having no time to speak to your flatmate.

-> I read a news, that made me think a lot. It was about the chilean miners: they had to receive public relations and communication lessons while they were still trapped in order to confront the media after the (still assumed) rescue.

-> You will have no free time any more. Being a media consumer, and a sensible participation means a full time life.

Stockpile technology:

-> You always would have more appliances that you need. You would have (sometimes even without knowing) several replaces for every gadget.

-> Technology you know is always obsolete.

Meaningful world changes :

-> Metadata. Everything is classified, or about to be. We are living in a massive database.

-> The power is everywhere.

-> Every person is supposed to be a responsible 24/7 consumer and is treated like that.

Daily life changes:

-> Social changes are happening so fast that it is possible notice them while they occur. And also, that you could watch those changes from your bed.

-> There are almost no proper excuses anymore, as you can do everything from everywhere and anytime.

-> That I write posts instead of essays.

So, probably convergence is only the Joker to fill the word gaps when speaking about the fast, fanciful and unpredictable change that society is experimenting.

  1. EAGF says:

    What a fantastic and superb blog! You are so eloquent and elegant in your writing style, I love it! It is quite a big and yet confined concept with regards to convergence and the way media move around in the web and other similar platforms, that this kind of explanations like the ones you provide here, will certainly help understand this new and ever expanding field.
    Keep it up with the great writing!

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