Posted: October 25, 2010 in Random thoughts
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(La senda del tiempo – Celtas cortos)″

Yesterday started one of my annual favorite events in my hometown.

Valladolid is a normal city. Not too big, not too small. The kind of city that you could  walk around without get stressed. That’s why when the Seminci takes place, every corner seems different. The whole city is flooded by a bohemian air. Like and hymn to variety.

Seminci means a whole week of international films. It means little and unusual films throwing all the Hollywood blockbusters out the cinemas. The most of theaters and cinemas taken for the occasion. There are long and short films, documentaries from remote places, original languages and subtitles everywhere. Usually the directors  present their own works and everyone is welcome to ask them some questions.

There is a continuous flow of flamboyant and international visitors around. Something never seen during the rest of the year. And even a red carpet in front of the main theater where the directors/actors/writers… talk to the press. All them thinking about winning the Golden Wheatear (the equivalent to Oscar in a cereal area!). It is possible to go to the cinema any time of the day, films start at 9 in the morning and the last ones finish after midnight. Full of choices.

At this time, the weather becomes pretty cold and windy, as old people like to say “9 months of winter and 3 of hell” (sounds awful, but in spanish it rhymes… :p). So, after the cinema a great option is to go to a bar to get warm while trying to decide if you liked the film or not. Most of the audience do that. And the atmosphere in there is something I like almost as much as the films, make me think about the cafe literary circles.

During the years I have seen quite a few films. Some of them I liked very much and some made me almost die of impatience, but even in the worse of the cases all them showed me something completely different and gave me material to think about.

Some personal recommendations:  “La estrategia del caracol”, “14 Km”, “Young@heart”, “El último truco”.

  1. Marta says:

    Seminci is one of the best events in Valladolid. You have described perfectly the environment of the city during this week.
    I hope you can enjoy it the next year!

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